Advanced 5G wireless technologies for smart road-traffic control and transportation infrastructure monitoring systems


This project is funded by the Newton Fund Researchers Links programme under the grant ID ‘2017-RLWK9-11412.’ The grant is managed by the British Council. For further information, please refer to:

Despite growing research surrounding 5G technologies, utilising its potential on offer (any-time, any-where, low latency mobile data services) for public safety control and infrastructure monitoring in transportation remains an attractive and unfulfilled area. In Vietnam and its region, traffic jam, poor transportation conditions and the consequent air pollution are serious problems which have proved difficult to tackle to date. The number of victims and the scale of damage from traffic accident and disaster events in the region have been depressingly increasing every year (on average, each day in 2016 in Vietnam there were 35 accidents which killed 22 and injured 30 people). The lack of transportation control and monitoring systems is the main reason.

Goals and Objectives

This project will enable potential solutions using latest 5G communication technologies to be exchanged and shared among the researchers of different disciplines from the UK and the South East Asia region, via the workshop and research collaboration activities. The solutions can help the densely-populated cities in the region like Ho Chi Minh city, Hanoi, Bangkok, Jakarta to take measures such as dynamically adjusting conditions and predicting disaster events, aligning traffic with smart tracking systems, monitoring conditions in real time, initiating congestion measures and instantly identifying defects and inefficiencies across assets and infrastructure. These will lead to improving transportation conditions and reducing traffic accidents and casualties in Vietnam and its region. The solutions can also enable new policies to be made in accordance with the environmental impact.


Workshop in Hanoi, that attracted 30+ researchers from the UK, Vietnam and South East Asia: Link.


UK Lead Partner

Middlesex University, London, UK (Huan X. Nguyen, UK PI)

Vietnam Lead Partner

University of Transport and Communications, Hanoi, Vietnam (Assos. Prof. Thanh T. Bui, Vietnam PI)