Key Deliverables

The outputs of project are expected to be:

  1. A service to provide safety alert to users who are approaching the unsafe areas;
  2. A service to provide quickly deployed rescue actions to the disaster sites,
  3. A process that includes position monitoring, safety warning and emergency alerting, and
  4. A prototype, including a suite of software and database for critical location analysis and emergency messaging, which is a system demonstrating the following: LTE D2D interface between 2 LTE modem handsets; relaying functionality for forwarding messages between the central controller and an out-of-coverage LTE modem handset; and high layer protocol and application software for exchanging safety related information. In particular, this includes a centralised software and database package for managing location information, a protocol for message forwarding and an app in mobile phones.

We anticipate 15-20 international IEEE/IET conference/journal papers to be published during the project.